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Marketers Plan To Shift To New Marketing Channels Post EPrivacy


GDPR is not the only new regulation on the minds of Marketers in the UK.

In March 2018, Mailjet commissioned a new piece of research conducted by Morar Consulting to understand the effect that ePrivacy will have on marketing strategies and ROI following it’s implementation. The professional survey was taken by 400 marketers and marketing decision makers from both B2B and B2C companies across the UK and France

This research reveals that ‘cookie law’ could see brands lose more than 40% of web traffic.

91% of marketers expect that the implications of ePrivacy will directly cause a loss in global web traffic. Likely more concerning for marketers, is the decreased ability to extensively track the actions users take on their website. With 31% of marketers in the UK stating that the most important information they collect via cookies is Google Analytics data, there is good reason to be worried.

As marketers look to find new means of procuring data, they are instinctively looking to change their channel priorities. 30% plan to reduce the amount of cookie-based display, paid search and retargeting they carry out while 79% of marketers predict they will use email marketing more as a channel post ePrivacy.

Surprisingly, despite the potential fallout, overwhelmingly marketers feel ePrivacy will be a good thing for their company in the long term. Marketers will rely less on tactics like retargeting ads and build more qualitative data insights to build campaigns that resonate with new consumers (57%).

Download the full research report to find out more and to start preparing your business for the effects ePrivacy will have on your business.


This guide was originnally published on Mailjet's blog on April 18, 2018.

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