Mark Runacus: Why your copywriter looks sad

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Mark Runacus: Why your copywriter looks sad


Chair of the DMA Awards and planner at Karmarama Mark Runacus takes us through the mindset of the copywriter, and explains why he or she (sometimes at least) looks sad, and what terrifies him about the census findings

Propositions: "I spend hours writing the bloody things"

Copywriters: "Your heroes are dead"

Chicken-and-egg: "Is it because you are not respected that you are not producing great work, or are you not producing great work because you are not respected?"

Briefs: "In the awards we specify that we want to see a great brief as part of an award-winning campaign. That hopefully should raise the profile of the brief."

Watch his account of the copywriting survey findings below.

If you would like to apply for the Future Writers' Lab, click here.

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