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Mail is treasured by parents with young children


Young Families, defined as parents with children (none of whom are above primary school level) are great responders to mail.

They feel positively towards companies that send them relevant mail: 30% say they have bought or ordered something in the last 12 months as a result of receiving mail, the second most responsive of the seven life stages we studied (after retirees).

Young Families may have less money than before, and they almost certainly have less time. As a result relaxation or ‘me’ time is more valued, with some associating their relaxation time with a piece of mail.

Becoming a family represents a dramatic and exciting change, with new responsibilities and other lifestyle changes. New responsibilities mean they have to learn new things, buy new products and services, and engage with new types of organisations.

Mail which is practical and focuses on their challenging parental roles is valued, with content being more important than design. To keep up with these new changes in lifestyle they become more organised, storing mail in specific places to reference later.

Digital technology is an essential part of their lives, with 30% saying they have responded to mail via a PC and 14% via a mobile or tablet. Young Families are the most likely group to respond to mail using a mobile or tablet. They are also 23% more likely to have referred to mail while online.

Key takeaways for marketing to parents with young children are to:

  1. Provide clear value benefits or rewards
  2. Provide inspirational and practical messages which support their parental roles and allow them to browse during any ‘me time’
  3. Highlight ways to respond via digital means, such as by mobile or tablet

To learn more about marketing to Young Families, and those at other life stages get your free copy of our latest research, The Life Stages of Mail.

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