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Lovebox â Nothing Out of the Ordinary


One of the smaller brands that we experienced, but they had named themselves on Lovebox’s website as one of their attractions, stating that they wanted you to “Express your passion and wildest fantasies. If you’re a little out of the ordinary then you’re always welcome”. Although I could not find any pre-promotion through their social channels (they mainly have a presence on Facebook and Instagram) I was excited to see what they were offering at the festival.

We did have to go on a little hunt to find them, but then spotted the bold coloured, ‘den’ style stand – that brought to life the exotic culture and bright lifestyle they create with their clothes.

Their main focus at the show was retail, but I feel they missed an opportunity to live up to their philosophy for being for risk-takers or rule breakers. By having some small, simple mechanics on stand they could have created more openings for visitors to have a deeper engagement with the brand and engage with them post event.

The crowd at Lovebox were definitely the right target audience for a clothing brand that attracts people who want to stand out and dare to be different, but at Lovebox they would not be in the right frame of mind for shopping. From researching their events programme it looks like OOTO also went to Glastonbury, which I’m sure as this is a camping festival; they found their retail much more successful as there would have been a certain amount of time of need.

OOTO do not have to compete with the likes of Corona, Schuh or HTC (who were also there) in terms of budgets for activation, because people are looking to search out niche and individual experiences at these types of event. So by creating a small yet effective mechanic they could have really made people want to hold up their hands and become part of the OOTO gang!

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