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Looking at Layouts: An Introduction to Your Next Creative Format


When you come to Periscopix, you know a few things are guaranteed: Account optimisation, exceptionally granular data driven campaign management and lucid reporting come as standard. But up to now your creative strategy has been mainly dictated by your resources. We know this has been a problem for a while, so we put our best geeks on the job. Thanks to their stellar work, this creative restraint is a thing of the past. Enter: Studio Layouts.

Keeping up with the industry can be difficult but with Google’s pre-coded templates, capability and capacity limitations become a thing of the past. Studio Layouts offer an easy to use tool that renders creatives in a range of formats, technologies, dimensions and platforms, all of which allow you to easily embrace HTML5, mobile and the use of videos within your banners. If you are still nervous about mobile check out Liz’s blog on how to get rid of that fear.

Studio has accounted for all different industries and the templates offer a diverse selection which will without doubt have a range that will match your marketing efforts and brand. Layouts allow you to switch your focus from technical detail to creative visuals, leaving Google to do the number-crunching. We’ve spelled out the options below.

YouTube Layouts

YouTube Layout

These great HTML5 layouts run in a variety of sizes – but with the added feature of an embedded Youtube video! If you are looking to present a cohesive creative strategy across your different marketing channels, why not try using your TV ad in a display banner to really close off the customer brand journey.

Mobile Formats

You’re probably in the loop and know that the trend over 2015 is mobile. If your ads are stuck in the past, serving up flash, or, god-forbid, GIFs, In-app and Mobile Web formats are your saviour.

HTML5 for Mobile

Layouts provide in-built functionality purposefully designed for browsing on mobile. Want your ads to be touch-screen reactive? Got it. Want your ads to automatically re-size to fill different screen dimensions? Got it. With all of the different pre-set formats available, Layouts really give a world of opportunity for innovative creative design for mobile, giving you time to focus on making that creative look great.

Mobile Swipe Gallery

Rich Media

If you are particularly interested in brand awareness or you have a new campaign you really want to push with a more captivating creative, try one of the Layout’s richer formats such as Expanding and Floating. These grab the users attention and get them interacting with your brand even before they click through to your site.

Collapsed & Expanded Mobile Creative

Our Favourites

Mobile In App Game

HTML5 Swipeable Image Galleries

These interactive formats allow users to swipe through a set of images, with a variety of different transition animations. These formats are applicable to so many verticals, we are having trouble suggesting them quick enough! We are thinking of using them to show products – with different landing pages for each slide, you can direct the customer to exactly what they want to see: Your products.

In-App Games and Quizzes

At Periscopix, we have noticed a serious shift in the way publishers are advertising towards Native and In-Content. With these In-App game formats, you can create moments your new users are actually interested in engaging with, whilst Angry Birds or the Telegraph App loads. Think of it as a highly targeted, miniature Buzzfeed – what’s not to love?

Outside the Box Formats

Studio layouts open up a whole range of possibilities. Do you produce a lot of video and YouTube content? Why not use the Studio layout which dynamically generates an ad from a YouTube playlist, with links to your channel? There are so many innovative ways to use Layouts that are outside the box like this – check out below for some new technology which could really revolutionise your ad serving.

Upcoming Features


The DoubleClick Rich Media Team have been working hard on ad innovation. We’ll be at the forefront of creative execution for their exciting new formats which utilise the hardware on a mobile device, such as the microphone, front-facing camera and accelerometer. Perhaps you want the user to take a picture of themselves to include in your ad. Or blow into the microphone to reveal your sale offer. Or tweet directly from the ad. Are we exciting you right now? We aren’t kidding, these are hot off the press and you can check them out for yourself here:http://www.richmediagallery.com/detailPage?id=8177

The good news is that all of our Programmatic Account Managers here at Periscopix are Studio Certified. Get in touch to find out how you can shout about your brand.

To view the article as written by Aaminah Latif on Perisocpix's website, please click here.

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