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Look. Look here. See what's going on here. No, not there. Here.


A roundup of the week in marketing, advertising and interesting stuff, incuding the first live ad from inside a human, how to sound authentic (involves swearing) and a tributes to Ronnie Kirkwood and William Onyeabor

Channel 4 this week made headlines this week by airing the first ad ever to come live from inside a human body. The patient, 60-year-old Philip, had his insides broadcast on Channel 4 just after 3.25 on Wednesday. His doctor, Dr Dolwani, removed bowel polyps during a colonoscopy in 90 seconds of live surgery.

The ad is NOT for the squeamish, but it is very interesting and includes a fascinating and reassuring running commentry from Dr Dolwani - click here to see it in full.

How to be productive, from the absurdly busy Shonda Rhimes, currently showrunner for four separate projects simultaneously.

Miss Senior America in pictures.

Now the first ad from the new relationship between Sainsbury's and Wieden + Kennedy has arrived. It's bright, fun and arguably quite annoying.

The team worked with UK Hip Hop artist MysDiggi, whose first job was at Sainsbury’s and he seems to have happy memories of it:

Facebook’s WhatsApp made headlines last year when it revealed that all data transferred through it would be ‘end-to-end encrypted’. But this guarantee is not as cast-iron as it first appears as the way the encryption is used means Facebook can read everything anyway. In more Facebook news, the Ad Contrarian was very excited to find that BBDO was awarded 'Social Media Agency Of The Year' by Mediapost, but not for its prowess in social, but for using social purely for display.

Hugo Rifkind ponders Piers Morgan in The Spectator. Beautifully written, it wonders why someone of the left should be so rabidly in favour of Trump.

A 124-year old startup? Does that sound like General Electric, with a lineage tracing all the way back to Thomas Edison?

Swearing – it makes you authentic. Does this signal the end of the 'chummy' style pioneered by Innocent?

Goodbye the patchwork of Piccadillly Circus ads and hello a single screen, to open in several months.

Lucky Generals have been looking at scale and appear to have secured funding from Omnicom's TBWA to achieve this.

Which English is better, American or British English? (Answer: British English) Some notes from an American adapting to proper English as part of The Guardian's foray into the US.

But there is a problem with English - it's like living in a greenhouse where everyone (ie the rest of the world) can see what you are up to, while the rest of the world gets on with itself unmolested.

New Apple ad for its much-ridiculed ‘air pods’, designed to go with the iPhone 7 (remember, there’s no phone jack):

Brexit? Trump? Has trust taken a battering? Well yes it has according to Edelman's 2017 trust report. Nobody believes anybody any more which should make the job of the marketer that big more difficult.

Clues to diagnosing Alzheimers from the deterioration of authors like Iris Murdoch, who suffered from the disease.

No ratatouille for you - there's a courgette shortage thanks to 'cold' in Italy and Spain.

Chinese search giant Baidu poaches Microsoft exec for AI push.

The IPA launches a celebration of advertising in March, here introduced by Sam Delaney, nephew of Tim Delaney of Leogas Delaney, and author of a couple of books on advertising.

3,391 guns confiscated at US airports in 2016 - almost 10 per day.

Giant alligator caught on film in Florida.

By the time you read this, some of you may have actually seen Woody Harrelson’s first film, shot in a single take and beamed direct to audiences in the US and UK with no editing and no touching up. Lost in London will presumably have a more traditional release later on, but this is undeniably risky filmmaking, based on a wild night Harrelson had 15 years ago in the big smoke that ended in mayhem and arrest.

Have we reached the point where social media advertising is effectively over, as BBDO wins an award for it's social media advertising by using it for display only.

What was Obama’s secret in the White House?


One of advertising's characters has died. Ronnie Kirkwood embodied much of the excess and elegance associated with advertising through the 1960s and 1970s. He was also a moderniser, changing the role of women in advertising away from drudge and towards glamour.

Finally, William Onyeabor died this week. A film maker and musician who made unusual electronic music from his base in rural Nigeria. His albums had become highly collectable as he retreated from the music industry and the rest of the world, turning instead to religion. His absence prompted many to wonder whether he existed at all. Talking Heads frontman David Byrne's Luaka Bop label tracked him down a few years ago and persuaded him to reissue the lot. The search and persuasion took five years but was eventually successul. Onyeabor's music became available again, and to wide acclaim. Read Dorian Lynskey's account of his unusual life here.

Below is his track 'Good name' which features a drive through parts of Nigeria, presumable somewhere near Enugu where he was based. Enjoy.

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