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London universities still top choice despite looming debts


A recent study, conducted by TLC Marketing, found that 33% of students had relocated to London, for university, as part of their last house move. They chose the expensive capital instead of venturing elsewhere in the UK, despite the cost of living and house prices being the most important considerations pre move.

A student moving to London will pay almost twice as much in living costs compared to the rest of the UK, but, 10 of the 19 British universities that produce the highest paid graduates are in London, which of course is certainly enticing for those seeking further education. With future salaries attractive to university goers, as well as the abundance of culture and leisure activities available, is the expensive cost of living in London happily accepted by students wanting to experience life in the capital?

We asked three students currently studying in London what they thought.

Deni Lally, who’s studying psychology at Brunel University said, “Personally, I don’t think the amount students pay is worth the experience of London life at all. There are just as many clubs and amenities, if not more, at many other universities outside of London. I don’t think going to university in London warrants the expense it is”.

Studying dance at Trinity Laban in Greenwich, Nadine Muncey said, “I definitely love being at university in London. I think there is some sort of glamour about being in the city”. Westminster graduate, Luke Schram, highlighted that despite going into a career not particularly related to his degree, he loved being in London and added, “I wouldn’t change my experience”.

The prospect of future employment as well as easy access to transport links were some of the most important factors to student participants when deciding where to live, something that London definitely has to offer.

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