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Life on Mars


Smashing up the walk of fame, a redesign for the traditional bank card, tea - with cheese, and the return of a massive, massive lizard.

Ketchup-flavoured crisps you can only find at the back of the supermarket in Alicante.

The fearless crunch of a McCoy that is more than likely being munched on by a racist.

The futile arena that is Skips.

What your choice of crisps says about you.

One man. One walk of fame. One pickaxe. Sayonara Donald.

Sharing the rituals and togetherness of the black community, the video for Blood Orange’s hotly anticipated Charcoal Baby dropped this week.

Cue sweeping synths, playful brass and reverb-laden pop vocal hooks.

Is there life on Mars? An immense breakthrough for science, and perhaps life as we know it.

Advertising and creativity - old friends? Most definitely. But this is a new data-driven dawn my friends, and Don Draper is straight out the door. A closer look at what this algorithm focused shift means for the consumer and democracy as a whole.

The humble paper bag lives on. Joining the war on plastic, Morrisons is bringing back the traditional form for groceries.

Burberry face backlash after burning $38 million worth of unsold clothing and beauty products in order to protect the brand. But is it just the Brit brand or is this fashion’s dirtiest open secret?

Design. The untapped power of portrait in the banking world – Starling introduce their vertical bank card, in a bid to improve security and intuitive use.

Richer images than ever before. Nikon have announced the development of a full-frame, mirrorless camera - set to shake up the world of photography.

Follow the light.

Feet up, kettle on and settle into a nice cup of… brie?

‘At the moment I spend 70 percent of my time by myself with dead insects.’ A phrase uttered by your run-of-the-mill serial killer, yes - but more pressingly, macro-photographer, Levon Biss.

It’s bold. It’s orange. Too much of it will make you sick. Not Donald Trump, but the drink of 2018 summertime, Aperol. Meet the marketer behind the Italian aperitif’s monster growth.

‘The idea was born out of the sense that climate change is somewhat abstract and difficult to address.’ A typeface to warn of the dangers of our melting ice caps.

Living in the moment can be tricky in this day and age. The technology addiction has creeped next to us on the sofa, deep into our pockets and even glares at us in bed. Rejoice then - a range of devices to break our smartphone addictions.

The bowing out of a legend of the skies. Thank you ma’am.

Film. An absolutely massive lizard. But don’t worry, it’s one we all know and love. Sort of.

Not happy with her fix of monster mayhem in the Upside Down, Stranger Things breakout star, Millie Bobby Brown stars in the trailer of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

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