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Legal updates from the DMA


We've got a host of Legal updates coming up, taking place all around the UK. Find one that suits you and book your place now.

Deciphering data legislation, particularly the new EU GDPR, and how it affects one-to-one marketing is a full time job. That’s why we employ solicitors – so you don’t have to.

Come along to a legal update where DMA solicitors share their wisdom. The session covers existing law and discusses potential changes to legislation, in particular the EU DGPR, which will have major implications for all companies that deal with data.

Our solicitors advise you on how to adjust your practices so you remain compliant across all aspects of your marketing now and into the future.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your business. This update is ideal for professionals in compliance roles, business owners and marketers who take best practice seriously.

Pick out a session from the list below and secure your place:

Tuesday 26 April - London

Tuesday 24 May - Bristol

Tuesday 28 June - Manchester

Tuesday 26 July - London

Tuesday 23 August - Bristol

Tuesday 27 September - Edinburgh


Earn valuable points towards your IDM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme by attending DMA events. Attend this event and you will receieve 2 CPD points.

Check out our Events page and see what else we've got coming up.

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