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Learning the lessons from different digital campaigns


What do a US bicycle retailer; a Dutch bank and an Italian insurer have in common? Other than sounding like the start of a bad joke, they have all used in a digital experience solution to engage with their customers in an innovative way. For digital marketers looking for ways to help their clients create stand-out campaigns, these three companies provide three great examples; inspiring customers to conversions, using responsive web design to differentiate and creating a multi-channel view to enhance relationships.

An inspiring performance

Based in North Carolina, Performance Bicycles were already a leading retailer but they wanted to do more. They wanted to drive more sales and also reinforce their reputation as a leading authority on things bike. Tapping into the specialist knowledge of their employees, they used IBM’s Content Manager to create a Learning Center where a range of information, tips and tricks could be shared with all visitors. The crucial point was that they had linked this space to their e-commerce sight. Not only were they able to cement their reputation as leaders but they also saw a 20% conversion in sales coming from the Center. The passion of employees was key in this and proved to be a powerful tool in creating an innovative digital experience that got results.

Responding and adapting

Jyske Bank is the third largest in Denmark and has taken a forward-thinking approach to banking. Within branches, the aim is to make customers feel relaxed, by browsing ‘retail-style’ shelves where they can ‘pick and mix’ financial solutions to suit. Jyske were keen to replicate this experience online, both on mobile and desktop but were struggling to manage multiple platforms. By replacing their systems with a common solution, they created a single responsive web design that adapts layout and content depending on the channels and devices. Now over 1 million visitors can browse content to suit their needs and Jyske bank can stand out from the digital crowd.

A Uni-fied approach

UnipolSai is one of the largest insurers in the Italian marketplace with over 15,000 employees and a client base of 10 million. A new law passed in Italy in 2013 gave them chance to start building better relationships with their clients through digital interaction. By using the IBM Customer Experience suite, they deployed a new customer and agent portal that gave agents dynamic content and targeted information on users, depending on their profile. As more people within the company could add information, within 6 months their content repository had grown by 20% (12,000 documents). The cultural and technological shift created an environment where agents could build trusted relationships with not only customers but also employees across the organisation.

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