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Lab launches The Game: A new web series that will help you 2x performance


In today’s increasingly competitive digital landscape, attention is king. If your digital content doesn’t stand out, there’s no way your company’s voice will be heard.

In our new web series, The Game, we will look at how to acquire, retain and grow your customer base in today’s digital world – and give marketers actionable tips that can be used straight away.

The web series is also a way for us to put our own marketing to the test, ensuring that we continue to learn, refine and adapt.

Tom Head, Lab’s Sales & Marketing Director, explains, “As an agency, we can become consumed by our clients’ success and forget to apply the strategies we teach others to our own marketing. At Lab, we want to be able to say, with confidence, that we eat our own dog food.”

A love for experimenting
The Game will focus on campaigns and projects we’ve done for clients or as part of our own marketing. Since we love to experiment, and ask questions that we don’t (yet) know the answer to, we will not only examine existing methods and strategies, but also test things we’ve never done before. We asked Justin Thorne, Head of Performance Marketing, to explain some of the areas we’ll be examining even closer than usual.

“We’re interested in what doubles and even triples performance. To do this, we run experiments and lever 3 critical areas. The first is user context and user behaviour - since all consumers behave differently depending on which channel they’re in. The second is technology, ad tech and algorithms, basically all the incredible opportunities that are at a marketer’s fingertips. Finally, it’s creativity – how do we leverage visuals, linguistics and copy to engage with our audience?”

Episode 1: The Halo Effect
Watch the first episode of The Game here.

Want more?
The Game will be released monthly throughout 2017. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming episodes!

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