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JICMAIL Learning Journey

The learning plans set out the number of trained users required and at what level, including their wider training needs related to direct mail or door drops, with elearning modules on these also available at no cost.

Our commitment is to support their adoption of JICMAIL at every step of the way with this full training offer. Training on JICMAIL for those on the IPA CPD programme can count towards CPD hours.

Training involves a basic introduction followed by workshops which will help kick start application on client and sector challenges. The training is held at your offices or via web conference.

Supporting videos are available now with an e-learning platform providing individual learning journeys coming soon.

For access to JICMAIL training please contact ian@jicmail.org.uk

JICMAIL training is free and for subscribers only.

Introductory Training

This module will ensure you and your team are able to extract and analyse the JICMAIL reach and frequency data through your planning systems or proprietary agency tools.


Course Details

After undergoing the JICMAIL Introduction training you will know how to:

  • Run a basic query in the JICMAIL audience database which is used to understand how your target audiences are interacting with direct mail and door drops. Use this to uncover hidden target audiences you might not have considered.
  • Extract industry category data from the audience database and tailor the JICMAIL insight to your specific clients.
  • Run a basic query in the JICMAIL item database to show item reach (the number of people in a household exposed to an item of mail) and frequency (how many times people are exposed to an item of mail over a twenty eight day period)
  • Look at physical interactions with Direct Mail and Door Drops along with the commercial outcomes that can be driven by mail exposure. Physical actions include how often mail is opened or how often it is read, looked or glanced at. Commercial actions include discussing with someone, going online, using a voucher or making a purchase.
  • Assess what elements of mail creative are most likely to drive an interaction or commercial outcome with mail – for example what content will drive people to look at Direct Mail, and what door drop content drives store footfall.

Format: Face to face / Web conference - 1.5 hours

Advertising Mail Online Training

The Royal Mail MarketReach team have created three introductory online training modules in conjunction with the IDM. This is for planning teams who would like to learn more about the mail channel. JICMAIL training is free and for subscribers only.

Why use mail and how to plan it

Online - 40 mins

Why use door drop and how to plan it

Online - 30 mins

Creativity and innovation in mail

Online - 30 mins

To access the training please contact ian@jicmail.org.uk

Online Tutorials

To support your JICMAIL learning journey click on the link to access online tutorials in individual modules covering the basics of JICMAIL on the JICMAIL Youtube channel.


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