JICMAIL: The value of audience and item data for advertising mail

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JICMAIL: Discover the value of 'gold standard' audience and item data for advertising mail


JICMAIL data reveals the journey of mail in the home and shows us that a piece of direct mail received in a household is not a single event, but achieves multiple exposures and interactions.

JICMAIL creates a quantifiable picture of a month in the life for advertising mail as the multiple touchpoints resonate across the days and weeks in the month and beyond as people return to pieces of mail, they share them with others and, take tangible commercial actions.

Have you accessed your JICMAIL data yet?

Already over 25 subscribers are using JICMAIL data.

A free subscription period to JICMAIL data is available for advertisers and agencies. All you need to do is sign a data agreement. Access to JICMAIL data is free to new subscribers until 31st Maarch 2019. Access to the data is via standard industry planning software: Telmar, Neilsen IMS and Kantar Choices or by using data tables suppled.

Speak to ian@jicmail.org.uk to access your JICMAIL data.

Gold Standard Insights

The item and audience reach of ad mail in the home

  • Item reach for direct mail = 1.14
  • Item read for door drops = 1.05
  • This means direct mail has an additional item reach of 14% than it’s otherwise given credit for, and door drops an additional 5%.

The frequency of ad mail interaction

  • Frequency for direct mail = 4.16
  • Frequency for door drop = 2.76

Ad mail builds repeat exposures throughout the month, offering new knowledge and insights around the journey of exposure for mail.

What people do with direct mail and door drops

  • 69% of all direct mail is opened
  • 63% of it is read or looked at immediately
  • 25% is put aside and looked at later in the month
  • 63% of all door drops are read or looked at

For more Gold Standard Insights visit www.jicmail.org.uk/data

Case studies

The JICMAIL website hosts many examples of reach, frequency and commercial outcomes for brand campaigns.

View some of our case studies at www.jicmail.org.uk/showcase

JICMAIL governance

JICMAIL represents a significant development for the third largest advertising channel and is structured like other Joint Industry Currency (such as BARB, RAJAR or PamCo) with independent governance from across the buy side (represented by ISBA & IPA) and the sell side (represented by Royal Mail & Whistl) and is independently chaired by the DMA.

How the data is collected

JICMAIL data is collected, in partnership with Kantar TNS, from 1,000 households per quarter and follows each piece of mail for four weeks through a diary process. The JICMAIL currency is based on a nationally representative panel of UK households, enabling us to measure the reach and frequency across different mail types. These JICMAIL metrics are now, for the very first time, giving planners a common currency for planning advertising mail in the wider mix.

Available now – JICMAIL planning data sets

JICMAIL already provides gold standard planning metrics for direct mail and door drops. The data is available at two levels:

Audience level database

This is a respondent-centric database that tells you how likely people are to be exposed to direct mail and door drops across a range of categories and how many times that piece of mail has an action associated with it. This data is shown by gender, age, household size, region, social grade and geodemographics across mail types, industry sector and content.

Item level database

This is a mail item-centric database that unpicks the physical and commercial actions taken by members of the household alongside the mail content most likely to drive those interactions. With our Q3 2018 quarterly release we will have nearly 70,000 mail items captured to date across direct mail, door drops and business mail.

Available soon – JICMAIL product development

There is plenty to look forward to from JICMAIL over the forthcoming months through a busy range of product enhancements. These include:

Media scheduling tools

This feature will enable you to input mail campaigns for different target audiences and at different campaign volumes to determine reach, frequency, impacts and GRPs.

IPA TouchPoints integration

For the first time, integration with this industry-standard channel planning tool will enable you to calculate combined reach and frequency for multi-channel campaigns including advertising mail.

TGI integration

Integration with TGI, enables you to combine JICMAIL data with the standard variables in TGI, eg brand consumers and attitudinal segments.

JICMAIL econometrics

We will publish guidance on how JICMAIL data can be best integrated into econometric modelling.

Advertising mail case example database

In development is a searchable database to access qualitative mail example data for specific advertiser clients and categories.

Circulation data

The publication of accurate circulation data will enable for the first time meaningful competitive analysis across the direct mail and door drop markets.


Get the most from JICMAIL data through accessing our training. We provide both introduction and Intermedia training and will show you how to unlock the key insights which will support and enhance your mail campaigns.

To find out more about JICMAIL, contact

Mark Cross, JICMAIL Engagement Director via mark@jicmail.org.uk

Ian Gibbs JICMAIL Data Leadership & Learning Director via ian@jicmail.org.uk

Tara Pickles JICMAIL Customer Support Manager via tara@jicmail.org.uk

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