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It was acceptable in the 90s


Back in the bake off tent, Nike's latest spot featuring a young Serena Williams, what goats like about you, and sending more girls skyward.

Romance is dead and cows have never been used to their full potential - until now.

They birthed us mass-avocado, memes and LOL, LMFAO and ROFLcopter. Millennials talk about how much they like other millennials.

From pedal pushers to neon hues, Baby-G watches to male crop-tops – nineties fashion had its moments. Needless to say, style has come on a little; tapping into that nostalgic cringe, Skoda and their latest campaign, Ugly in the 90’s - by agency, Rosapark.

If a ‘biscuit selfie’ doesn’t get you excited then are you even British?

New talent. All eyes on Tishk Barzanji, a visual artist and commercial illustrator based in London who turned to drawing after experiencing anxiety and Migraine Vertigo.

How are grads finding work? Lecture in Progress share their latest insight report into the state of the creative industries and how those starting out are finding their way, and for how much.

A change of direction for Boots, at the launch of their new spot by Ogilvy UK; a ‘faceless’ ad that focuses on how products make people feel rather than look.

Food is no longer just for eating; from dinner to desert, the Instagram generation asks a great deal more from their plate. Cue a new look for ice cream giants Haagen-Dazs, with their pitch for a younger demographic.

Tech. Dual-SIM phones courtesy of Apple. A proposed and arguably essential feature for many regions around the globe.

Oh, Nike - you’ve gone done it again. A masterclass in how to use home video to create heartfelt storytelling; see a 9-year-old Serena Williams with her father, Richard Williams in the 2018 ad for the US Open.

Established and honoured historians move aside – Nick Knowles knows.

A new-age proverb: the goat is only as happy as the man who is watches it.

It might give you wings. It might give you diabetes. Either way, the government has launched a public consultation on its plans to make it illegal to sell energy drinks to children.

Newsflash: periods are pricey. Hats off then, to Scotland, who are taking major steps in a £5.2 million plan to make pads and tampons more accessible and affordable for those who need them.

The only way is up girls. Pushing more ladies skyward, easyJet launched a national campaign to inspire more young girls to become airline pilots this week.

In their latest recruitment film, the airline reimagines the famous scene from Hollywood’s Catch Me If You Can substituting Leo for 9-year-old Hannah Revie, the daughter of real easyJet captain Emily Revie.

Catch up if you can, Hollywood.

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