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How did the campaign make a difference? There’s a perception that Canon just sells printers. To make the benefits of Canon’s Enterprise Services instantly recognisable and compelling, the audience were sent extracts from their own annual reports, marked up where Canon could make a difference. A total of 31 leads and 67 opportunities to nurture were delivered from 193 target accounts.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry? The programme selected key target accounts and built a comprehensive messaging framework. The data team built core-target data profiles and ensured all essential contacts were included. PAs were called to confirm accuracy. Weekly reports kept sales teams informed and helped modify calling techniques where appropriate. Calling was always in the local language, by native speakers. Weekly reporting and calls to in-market sales teams ensured that all Canon’s salespeople were brought into the process, informed and ready to transform leads into actual sales. A dedicated microsite contained case studies, reports, research and additional details of Canon’s offering. Personalised nurture emails were developed, with additional clarity, detailing meeting agendas and keeping the programme visible. This was an approach that was all-encompassing, cost-effective and delivered real results; that could be managed centrally, but offered a local touch.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life? The target audience was CMOs, CFOs and CIOs in large enterprises, plus transformation, innovation and strategy contacts. These people can bring about change and would not be averse to a high-level conversation with Canon. They rarely want to talk to salespeople, but will consider making time to talk to other senior decision makers. The peer-to-peer approach was clear in all communications, with the call to action being an exploratory meeting with the Canon MD in their country. The target companies’ latest annual reports were used to demonstrate the benefits of a strategic partnership with Canon; no quick fixes, but actions recipients could implement now to facilitate long-term benefits. Throughout communications three things were explicitly clear: the benefits Canon could deliver; the value of a peer-to-peer meeting; and how to get involved. There was confidence that this approach would be unlike any communications they had received previously.

Results This programme beat its lead, nurture and sales targets, and delivered an ROI of 49:1. It was successful in changing perceptions and escalating the conversation: a large car manufacturer is now in conversation to streamline their contract renewals process, while a large telecom is speaking about shortening customer onboarding and improving customer experience. Canon Europe is now in the process of rolling out the programme to three more European territories.

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