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Is LinkedIn becoming uncoupled?


I’ve found more and more personal related content appearing in my news feed (not that I have a problem with personal content generally, if I’m meeting up with a client we don’t just talk about work, but about family, holidays and the obligatory British weather) which totally dilutes the content I want to see.

I didn’t mind at first, I’d simply ignore it and scroll down my feed, but more recently I’ve been pretty harsh and taken the decision to unconnect from anyone who I feel is sharing or posting of personal content.

With LinkedIn having sat firmly in the business social media camp for so long I wonder how many other people share my pain? Or in fact is this something we are going to have to simply get used to and become a lot friendlier with the ‘unconnect’ button?

Is LinkedIn and the other social media platforms going to become more of a blur in terms of which channels you use for which audience? I know from my point of view, although I still really value LinkedIn in terms of contacts and relationship building, in my eyes the step forward they made in terms of groups and publishing posts now seems to have taken a big step backwards.

Did LinkedIn have a choice? Most likely not, with content being driven by people it seems we as the users have become more acceptable of this content blur and in the wider scheme of things we seem to be ok with it.

We are seeing this across other channels too – for example, you will have likely seen a Snapchat or two on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram feed (I’ve not seen one yet on LinkedIn but no doubt if I went looking I’d find one). Should Snapchat content and I'm talking about their Snapchat filters only be used on Snapchat? Of course not. People have to go to great lengths to get the content from Snapchat before they can upload it to their preferred channel. Ultimately people are choosing what content they want to post and receive, and as much as each social media channel wants their content to be kept on their channels, many are allow and encourage this cross-pollination.

You may well not like the content you see on your LinkedIn news feed (or any other channel for that matter) but you have a choice, and as I see it we are going to have to get even more selective over the content we want to see using our own personal filters.

We are going to have to spend more time on the wider network of social media channels identifying, filtering and reading content in a very fragmented away (which many of us do anyway) but I do still wonder if there is now a gap in the market for a new B2B dedicated social media network?

What do you think?

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