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Is Email Beauty Only Screen Deep?

Is email beauty only screen-deep DMA.jpg

They say looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to email, it looks surprisingly like they might be.

Why do I say this? Am I shallow and superficial when it comes to email signatures, or think that an email banner’s beauty is only screen-deep?

It’s actually because the most popular page on our website is Email Design Guidelines and so, always eager to please, we’re making this Autumn season all about style – style that stands out, sets your brand apart and …most importantly… sells.  Even if your everyday email hasn’t been hit by the ugly stick it could still be a bit…well… everyday. And that could be costing you engagement.

So whether it’s stylish new look signatures, some bright new branded banners or a whole email campaign make-over, we’ll be giving you everything you need to make your ‘everyday’ email absolutely fabulous – not to mention seriously sales-driving.

Because whether your brand personality is smart and sophisticated or frivolous and fun, you need to get noticed on every email. And because it’s not like designing for print or the web, there’s a specific set of effective email branding design skills that we’ll be sharing – how to take your measurements, how to ‘get your colours done’, how to accessorise and how to bring your new look together so it just ‘clicks


No second chances to make a first impression

Never is this more true than with email branding. With a small space and a few seconds before the scrolling starts, this isn’t shrinking violet time (but there’s also no need to go the full Lady Gaga). You don’t want to upstage the content of your email but you need to get noticed and a boldly-branded top banner gives you that immediate (and interactive) impact.


Is less really more?

What size is really your size? There’s no need to go large or get into a squeeze – a banner should be viewable but not obstructive on any email preview pane or smartphone. We recommend a max width of 650 pixels and height of between 90 and 120 pixels to get it just right for size.


What’s in? What’s out?

Even with a full suite of features and functionality, there’s only so much you can fit in an email banner or signature so, rather than looking too ‘busy’ (which actually lessens impact) try to keep things deceptively simple. Keep copy clear and concise, images strong and not too detailed, and your logo in proportion – just ask yourself, “Does my brand look big in this?”

And don’t be shallow … use shadows and overlaps to give your designs some 3-D depth.


Buttons, tabs and links – the ultimate ‘go to’ accessories

These really make email branding technology work. Buttons, tabs and image-map links can take the recipient wherever you’d like them to go – from landing pages and social media to documents, videos, newsletter sign-up or even the app store. In fact, having more than one link on your banners can also significantly improve their click-through success.


Tired of the same old ‘look’? Restyle, rotate and refresh

We all know that consistency is key when it comes to branding, but even the best advertising artwork becomes stale eventually so it’s important to keep your email banners fresh by running message and design variations in your campaign rotation. It’ll keep your audience alert to your brand and stop them going ‘banner blind’. And, of course, you can A/B test your design variations to see which gets the most clicks.


Get the response you want – with a clicking obvious CTA

No call-to-action, no clicks. Simple. So make your CTA clear, concise and compellingly clickable. We’ll be looking at the psychology of clicking in detail this season – from shapes and sizes to colour and copy – but for now, just make sure your CTA makes them ‘click here’.

So, are looks really everything?

Email branding, however brilliantly designed, isn’t there just to be admired – it’s truly strategic in its marketing power. From positioning to promotion, your designs are really all about your business objectives, your audience and the all-important call-to-action.

Design trends may come and go but engagement never goes out of fashion.

So keep your ‘eye for style’ on Rocketseed this season. There’ll be detailed design advicecase studiesemail ‘makeovers’ and, of course, we’re always ready to design you a bespoke email banner or an email signature that suits your brand to perfection.

So, to email in style this season, you know who you need…

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