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Inventive ways to raise money from direct mail


If you're planning a charity direct mail out, see it as an investment. A half-hearted pamphlet is unlikely to generate much interaction. Consider how many promotional leaflets get stuffed through your letter box each day. Accomplishing a successful charity direct mail out is about standing out from the crow.d Think about your prospective audience: what is unique about your charity? What would engage you to help?

Direct mail can be effective for large and small charities, however, small marketing budgets require more creative thinking. To raise awareness on a shoestring, pick up a postcard and focus on one pressing issue. Catchy slogans are also an enduring way to grab attention and keep your charity in the forefront of everyone's mind.

Quality over quantity

Choosing a company that offers competitive prices on charity fulfilment allows you to be more selective with your audience. Using careful market research, you can work out which demographics are most likely to engage, and design your campaign literature appropriately.

Every penny counts

Providing an incentive to collect is a fantastic way to promote your charity. By sending out a branded collection box, your cause will be at the forefront of recipients' minds whenever they have a spare penny. Piggy banks are also a great way to encourage local businesses and schools to collect for you.

Start a conversation

Integrating your marketing strategies is a cost-effective way to reach a wider audience. Instead of demanding a donation, use direct mail to ask people to connect with you on social media platforms. The use of the hashtag function on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is the ideal way to track what's being said and keep the conversation going. Check out these successful charity campaigns for inspiration: the #FaceUp campaignby Plan UK and the #WakeUpCall initiative by UNICEF.

Sweeten them up

There are numerous ways your campaign can benefit from low cost promotional gifts. Why not leave recipients with a sweet taste in their mouth by sending out a packet of free promotional sweets? Put a smile on their lips and they might reach into their pocket for you.

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