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Insert case study - Plumbs


CJ's Plumbs

Name or Proposer: CJ

Advertiser: Plumbs

Media Buying Agency: Carat Manchester

Creative Agency: TBC

Sector: Household Improvements

Format: Multipage large sized (A4 and A3)

Stand Out:

• Headline attention grabbing promotions

• Variety of Sale vs Quality shots

• Big sizes that physically as well as visually stand out


For a longstanding, increasing press advertiser their investment in Inserts is impressive. Not only are they using physically large sizes to promotes Sales, they use more traditional A4 catalogue styles to promote the wider quality range. Here they also use DM mainstay’s such as Free Offers (upholstery and Accessories) and Target Audience confidence boosts – British Made, and several Associations ‘stamps’ (AMU and FIRA)

In addition all the above carry the DR must haves:

• dominant call to actions (phone, web and coupon)

• relevant and timely Incentives (eg Queens Jubilee Mug)

• individual codes

Be good to see this insert perform in a wider selection of titles.

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