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Infographic: Saving sales when shoppers stray


Talk about a fear of abandonment. Retailers have good reason. We all know that over 80% of online shopping visits end with abandoned shopping baskets. To keep today’s online shoppers engaged and buying, retailers have to rethink the structure of the shopping basket, the flow of the checkout process and how to reach those shoppers who have left a basket behind.

In a recent report, Bronto examined the shopping basket strategies of more than 100 major UK retailers. We found that many brands are losing customers at the last hurdle due to the length and complexity of the checkout process. Only 41% send basket reminders. If you’re part of that group, I congratulate you on making shopping easier for your customers and, of course, recouping potentially lost sales. However, having successfully launched a basket reminder doesn’t mean your work is done. By continually testing the key aspects of your reminder strategy – number of emails, frequency, tone and content – you’ll find the sweet spot to reel in potentially lost revenue.

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