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ICO issues consultation on direct marketing code


The proposed code will address the changes in data protection legislation and the implications for direct marketing

***NOTE: The link to this consultation on the ICO website is unstable. It works sometimes and not others. If you cannot open the consultation, clear your cookies on your web browser.***

The Information Commissioner is calling for views on a direct marketing code of practice that will inform best practice regulation in the industry.

As the leading trade body in this industry, the DMA’s response will no-doubt provide compelling advice to the ICO. This is an opportunity for members to inform how the DMA responds through informing us of your answers to the consultations questions (listed below).

To read the full consultation, click here.

These are the questions from the consultation. Please issue your responses to as many of the questions as you feel comfortable answering by the 5th December at the latest and submit your response to Zach.Thornton@dma.org.uk

Q1 The code will address the changes in data protection legislation and the implications for direct marketing. What changes to the data protection legislation do you think we should focus on in the direct marketing code?

Q2 Apart from the recent changes to data protection legislation are there other developments that are having an impact on your organisation’s direct marketing practices that you think we should address in the code?


Q3 If yes please specify

Q4 We are planning to produce the code before the draft ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) is agreed. We will then produce a revised code once the ePR becomes law. Do you agree with this approach?


Q5 If no please explain why you disagree

Q6 Is the content of the ICO’s existing direct marketing guidance relevant to the marketing that your organisation is involved in?


Q7 If no what additional areas would you like to see covered?

Q8 Is it easy to find information in our existing direct marketing guidance?


Q9 If no, do you have any suggestions on how we should structure the direct marketing code?

Q10 Please provide details of any case studies or marketing scenarios that you would like to see included in the direct marketing code.

Q11 Do you have any other suggestions for the direct marketing code?

About you

Q12 Are you answering these questions as?

· A public sector worker

· A private sector worker

· A third or voluntary sector worker

· A member of the public

· A representative of a trade association

· A data subject

· An ICO employee

· Other

If you answered ‘other’ please specify:

Q13 Please provide the name of the organisation that you are representing.

Q14 We may want to contact you about some of the points you have raised. If you are happy for us to do this please provide your email address:

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