ICO attempts to keep up by proposing a regulatory sandbox

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ICO attempts to keep up with technological innovation by proposing a regulatory sandbox


What is a regulatory sandbox? It allows organisations to test new ideas and develop new products while ensuring that consumers are protected.

The ICO sandbox will be a safe space where companies will be able to draw upon the expertise of the ICO when creating new services that use personal data. Organisations will be able to seek advice about how they should protect people’s privacy.

Data protection law will still apply but by taking advantage of the ICO expertise to limit privacy risks, companies will be able to test new ideas, products and services safely.

The sandbox was originally proposed in the ICO’s technology strategy for 2018-2021 where the plan says:

“We will establish a ‘regulatory sandbox’, drawing on the successful sandbox process that the Financial Conduct Authority has developed. The ICO sandbox will enable organisations to develop innovative digital products and services, whilst engaging with the regulator, ensuring that appropriate protections and safeguards are in place. As part of the sandbox process the ICO would provide advice on mitigating risks and data protection by design.”

The consultation closes on the 12 October 2018.

If you have any comments on the regulatory sandbox, get in touch with the DMA’s external affairs manager, Zach Thornton, via email zach.thornton@dma.org.uk

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