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How will you Stop your Business Stagnating during the World Cup?


Shortly, we’re all going to be glued to our screens to watch 4 weeks of glorious football. Or maybe, the World Cup isn’t your thing but you can’t get enough of the sunny days that warm our skin and cheer us up. The World Cup is expected to disrupt business in June and July. But, along with the feast of football comes a predicted heatwave that will make us all take more time off and be more inclined to pop out of the office for a stint of sunbathing or a quick visit to a beer garden to cheer England (or whoever you follow) on.

Distractions are nothing new

The thing is that distractions aren’t new. For a start, summer comes every year. Whilst we don’t always get a heatwave in the UK, summer isn’t a surprise. If you’re a football fan, the Euros follow the World Cup every 2 years. If you’re a cricket fan, the summer is made for you every year. Wimbledon Tennis takes place for two weeks every July. But, there’s also The Derby and Goodwood. And, if sport isn’t your thing, maybe consider The Chelsea Flower Show. If it isn’t that, it’s a Royal Wedding or some other event. Yet, life goes on. Business continues. And, if we allow these distractions to get in our way, we’re all in danger of letting ‘limiting beliefs’ stop us from doing business and derailing growth.

Don’t let limiting beliefs stop you

Simply put, not everyone is a football fan. Does every staff member go on holiday for the same 1 or 2 weeks? I’m pretty sure that businesses aren’t ghost towns in July and August. Business is still being done. The question is whether you’ll be the one that’s doing the business or your competitors. Given that there will inevitably be some sellers that back off during the summer, and it is often quieter in the workplace, isn’t that the perfect time for you to strike? Okay, perhaps you may need to make more attempts to reach people e.g. to establish that the decision maker is back on the following Monday. But, this is about pipeline building.

You snooze, you lose.

As we stated earlier, summer comes at the same time each year. It shouldn’t be a shock. And, if your business typically slumps or slows down, you might want to ask yourself why that is. Is it because no-one is doing business. Or, just that you aren’t doing what you need to do in order to mitigate the risk of slowdown. Perhaps, some sectors are less active. It has been said that August is a bad time to call schools and manufacturing. But, once again, not everyone is away for the whole of August. Teachers may be absent but is that the case for bursars and head teachers?

Business still gets done

It’s a fallacy that nothing happens in August or around the Christmas period. People still require goods and services. Some sectors see growth during the summer months that they don’t see at other times in the year. Therefore, it’s about focus and targeting.

What’s more, if a proportion of your competitors are inactive, would it not make sense to up-weight your own activity to steal a march? There’s generally less clutter and noise in terms of marketing during those perceived quieter periods. So, don’t let inertia become your enemy and boost your lead generation while others are snoozing.

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