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How to re-engage with your customers


We haven't seen you in a while, we’ve missed you… It always starts off so well, your customers open all of your emails, click through and even purchase online, things couldn't be going better. Then one day it just stops, they stop opening, not just this email, but the one after and the one after and even the one after that. So what can you do to keep them hooked and engaged?

What are re-engagement campaigns? Re-engagement campaigns (sometimes called ‘win back’ campaigns) are specific campaigns which target those members who are viewed as 'inactive' – ie members who haven't opened or interacted with your emails in over 120 days.

Re-engagement campaigns are a great way for you to remind your members of the value that your emails can provide. They also help you to understand more about your database and can help you to suppress members who are no longer interested in hearing from you.

After all, if they're not going to open or click through from your email is it even worth sending to them? So what can you do to convince them to re-engage with your emails and help to rekindle their initial love for your messages?

How about 10% off? One of the most common methods of re engagement is to provide an incentive. Customers love nothing more than receiving a cheeky discount and by providing a teaser in the subject line it's often a sure win to get the member opening your emails.

Make it about them. These customers haven't interacted with you for a while, so you're running out of time to impress them. Make sure you know exactly what they are interested in and you use relevant content in their emails. Using dynamic content based on what they have previously bought from you or other information that you have collected about them shows you care about them as a member and can help to remind them of why they used to interact with you.

Come back, we miss you! What have we done? Using emotive subject lines, which are different from some of the generic emails they receive on a day to day basis are a great way to ensure your emails stand out in the inbox.

Let the customer feel in control. Often members will stop engaging as they're interests have changed. By creating a preference centre and providing a link to this in your email you can give them the ability to personalise their own emails. You can allow them to choose how often they want to receive emails from you and what they are interested in.

Do something different. This is your last chance to make an impression and get your members to interact. So try a different approach- maybe add some videos or interactive content into your emails.

Campaign snooze. You may find that your members just want a break from receiving your emails for a few weeks. Why not provide them with the ability to pause their subscription to your emails? So that they don't completely unsubscribe but can just decide themselves when they want to get a message from you.

These tips won't work for all your members, however they will work for some, and it’s a great way to show your members how much they mean to you, by helping to improve your relationship with them.

Good luck...

Gemma Walton is an email marketing expert for SmartFocus. SmartFocus is an innovator in messaging and communications, enabling the world’s largest brands – including Nestlé, Mercedes-Benz and House of Fraser – to understand and connect more closely with today’s connected consumers; whether that be via web, mobile, email or social channels. Through The Message Cloud solution, SmartFocus genuinely listens to and learns from customers using patented algorithms and unique location-based marketing tools. Using The Message Cloud, SmartFocus customers have the rich data, intelligence and the tools for contextually unique engagements, through any digital channel.

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