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How To Plan A Successful Christmas Email Campaign: Whitepaper with 43 tips


What’s the recipe for the perfect newsletter?

First of all, you need to fulfil some standard requirements and stay original at the same time. How do you struck the right balance? Check out our white paper to find out. There, you will find 43 Christmas email marketing tips well as seven Christmas campaign ideas.

You can download the whitepaper here.

The white paper contains numerous tips that will help you plan, design, optimize and send your Christmas newsletter. Below you can find some exemplary Christmas email marketing tips

1. Define Strategic Objectives

Christmas newsletters are created with specific goals in mind. The better the planning is, the higher the chances of success. Consequently, low-level planning is likely to produce weak results. Before you plan your campaign, you need to learn more about your subscribers.
Who are they?
What are they looking for?
What challenges might they face during the festive season and how can you answer their needs?

Actionable Tip: Check:

  • subscriber purchase history
  • the time zone they are in
  • where they open emails (mobile devices vs. desktops)

2. Offer Special Deal to Loyal Customers

Christmas is a perfect occasion to show your loyal customers that you value them. There is a number of ways to make them feel special. First things first: freebies with multiple purchases are always a great (and easy to implement) idea. Secondly, reward referrals. A freebie or a discounted product will incentivize your customers to recommend your store.

Actionable tip: Make sure you always include social sharing buttons in your newsletters, so that your customers could easily share your email campaigns.
Holding a preview evening for loyal customers only will certainly give them an exclusive feel. Not only will your customers be able to buy first, but lso will they have a chance to network and enjoy a nice evening with good refreshments.

3. Test Unusual Subject Lines

The best performing subject lines are usually 50 to 60 characters long. However, it may be worthwhile to experiment with unusually short or long subject lines. A/B testing gives you a chance to find out whether a shorter or longer subject line will result in better open rates.Feel free to experiment and test subject lines, which aren‘t typical for your product or industry. Try to grab recipient’s attention by creating unusual associations.

Actionable Tip: Using Unicode characters in the subject line might do the trick. Snowflakes, stars, Christmas trees and gifts are perfectly related to Christmas. Some email clients even display these icons as colorful pictures, which are pure attention grabbers. Just make sure that these Unicode characters are relevant. Download the white paper to get the most popular Christmas unicodes.

4. Use Address Books to Keep Track of Recipients

Newsletter2Go’s address books enable you to manage different email lists. This feature comes particularly in handy if you happen to manage multiple client groups or online shops. Every address book always contains up-to-date recipient data: registrations, unsubscriptions and bounces are separately managed for each address book and updated automatically. It prevents you from sending a newsletter to group B, if it was destined for group A. And every single group will receive the correct newsletter.

Actionable Tip: Keep track of your entire database by saving all registered addresses into a hidden Newsletter2Go address book. Your recipients won’t know that they’ve landed in this book. However, be vary of sending out newsletters to this address book: recipients haven’t explicitly signed up for it, so you shouldn’t bother them with email campaigns.

5. Bonus: Cristmas Campaign Idea

Address Those Who Aren’t into The Christmas Craze
Not everyone celebrates Christmas or enjoys the holiday hustle and bustle. Therefore, you should address this group in a creative way. Let them decide what newsletters would they want to receive before the holiday season starts. Maybe they’d like to receive anti-Christmas newsletters or emails with holiday deals.

You can download the whitepaper here.

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