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How to Measure Supporter Engagement

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Wood for Trees have released a new white paper looking at how third-sector teams and organisations are re-structuring as it is recognised that income-generating teams have an impact beyond just raising money. But engagement recording and measurement hasn’t kept pace with these new strategies.

Charities are losing sight of what engagement means to supporters: what works for them, who is engaged, and what success looks like. In our experience measuring engagement can be difficult. But that shouldn’t stop organisations from trying.

Read the full paper here

We are also running a survey, which looks at the evolution of fundraising teams & the level of importance charities place on engagement & interaction. Is it the length of time an individual spends interacting with you or the value of their regular giving that drives your engagement metrics? Help us to help everyone do the right thing, with the right data, so we can build a better future.

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