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How to boost conversions with landing pages


You've also set up automation for your newsletter sign ups and this crucial part of your digital marketing plan is now ticking along nicely – but there’s just one problem… your website.

Your website might look good, it might be mobile responsive (if it’s not, you should really look at this) and it might contain everything there is to know about your business, but there is one area where a landing page trumps a website, conversions.

The problem with websites is precisely the fact that they contain everything there is to know about the business. Landing pages, by contrast, are designed to serve one task, converting traffic into leads. This is where traditional websites fall short. They’re simply not designed with one task in mind.

Landing pages are one of the quickest ways to boost your email marketing conversions and ultimately your bottom line. Not only are they designed to focus solely on getting conversions, but they allow the user to promote special offers and time-bound messages quickly and without having to constantly update the website.

What’s more, these promotions can be kept separate from the website, allowing for exclusive targeting. For example, if there are certain messages you want to push to a select few contacts, these can be promoted on a landing page which only your selected contacts have access to.


1) Choose a landing page system which offers both generic templates and bespoke

This is crucial as the generic templates are great when you’re starting out, but you may soon have more complex/unique requirements.

2) Decide what you want to use your landing pages for

Do you want to capture more data, qualify your leads further or simply thank your contacts for doing business with you? Make sure you know your objectives before diving in.

3) Choose the right template for your objectives

Now that you know what you want to achieve, simply choose the template that fits your objectives.

4) Send your campaign and track engagements

Once you have created your landing page, add it to your campaign and track who completes the form or engages with your campaign. These are your warm leads.

Landing Page Systems will help you boost conversions and maximise sales. Whether you want to use them to capture data, showcase your product or simply thank your customers, it is worth putting landing pages on your radar. If you aren’t currently using landing pages, now might be the best time to start.

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