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How ready are you for the next big thing?


As marketers we're constantly on edge waiting for the 'next big thing' in our industry - waiting to be the first person to jump on the latest technology or trend so that we stand out from our competitors.

But what if the next big thing is already here and has been around for years?

It might not be the 'sexiest' of topics or the most creative task to tackle, but ensuring you're data compliant is most definitely the biggest thing on our industry's radar this year. Although best practice around data compliance isn't changing, how the rules and regulations are enforced most certainly is and this is where you're at risk if you're not up to scratch.

You may be sick of hearing about the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, and maybe you haven't heard much at all about recent changes to data compliance within the UK. But there's a reason that there's a lot of noise being made about this across the industry; if you use consumer data to send your marketing campaigns (i.e. you collect, store and use your customers' personal information) then you need to ensure you comply or you could face huge fines or, worse, being left with a 'useless' database.

How ready are you? Take our survey...

The Communicator data compliance survey, in partnership with Figaro Digital, aims to assess how 'ready' UK marketers are for these changes. By taking a couple of minutes out of your day to take part, you can take the chance to share your views & opinions on this hot topic, as well as forming an audience of marketers who'll provide key insight into just how ready the UK marketing industry is for the changes.

Don't miss your chance to have your say! Take part in the survey here.

Need more information?

You can find out more information about the EU general data protection regulation with this guide. As for the UK changes, catch up with them here to ensure you're compliant.

Watch this space...

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