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How mindfulness and breathwork can help marketers


So why coaching?

My interest in coaching practice started many years ago after receiving coaching myself. I have also been a voluntary youth coach for a few years as a grassroots football manager. I know how beneficial and rewarding professional coaching really is. I realised that so many high achievers have a coach. Not just sports professionals, or entrepreneurs, we can all benefit from taking time to stop, think about our priorities and take a step by step approach to achieving it. Coaching provides dedicated ring-fenced time and support to achieve life changing outcomes. Think personal cheerleader! That’s exactly what coaching is.

What is mindful coaching?

Mindful coaching is my personal brand and style of coaching. Coaching principals are underpinned by neuroscience studies and I have incorporated this into my delivery. Understanding how your brain works, how to clear space for creative thought and how to amplify the authentic voice in your mind enables individuals to break out of their comfort zone, smash through self-limiting barriers and achieve huge growth. I also use mindfulness techniques to create calm, increase focus and improve self believe.

So would you call yourself a mindfulness expert?

Of sorts, yes! For a long time I’ve had an interest in various mindfulness activities such as meditation, but my training has opened up the mindful world to me. One area which is growing rapidly is breathwork – the practice of conscious breathing. Who would have thought simply breathing would have so many benefits! Seriously, consciously thinking about your breathing, the pattern, speed and where you even breathe from has huge benefits from managing anxiety, stress, calm and energy just by taking your breathing out of autopilot and consciously thinking about it. Check out Breathpod – they run breathwork sessions in London and are amazing!

How does that help a marketer?

Ever had a mental block? Keep coming up with the same ideas? Try a method called 4/7/8 developed by Dr Andrew Weil before a brainstorm or a big meeting. This creates calm and activates the prefrontal cortex part of your brain that enables creative thought – it really works! Every Monday morning in our London office I lead a 15 minute mindfulness session which incorporates the 4/7/8 method and it’s become very popular. Benny Pierini our Group Marketing and Sales says “It has a much bigger impact on the week than just those 15 minutes. It helps me focus on what I want to achieve, how I can do my job better and motivates me for the week ahead.”

Do you have a final hint or tip to leave us with?

Yes, loads but I need to just pick one! It’s incredibly simple. Take a moment every day to do absolutely nothing for just 5 to 10 minutes – no phone, TV, interactions, just do nothing other than concentrate on your breathing – think of this as recharging your brain. Turn this into a healthy daily habit and the benefits to your mind and body will be significant.

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