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How has Creative Data helped its graduates?


Wondering what opportunities the Creative Data programme will give its students? We questioned several past attendees, Creative Data graduates if you will, to see how their Creative Data experience has helped them in their careers.

Our first graduate, Adam Gregory, attended the Creative Data Academy in April 2017 and is now a CRM Assistant at Global, home to some of the UK’s best-loved radio stations. Here is his view on the Creative Data programme and the industry as a whole.

1. Why data? What gets you so interested and excited by it?

I got into data because I believe it is the new oil, it’s what is driving business decisions across various industries. What can be done using data is very exciting especially in the music industry where I work, we are using data in interesting ways to improve the business and give more value to our audience.

2. Do you have an interesting fact about data we might not know?

Poor data can cost businesses 20%-35% of their operating revenue.

3. If you had to describe your Creative Data experience in one word, what would it be?


4. How do you think Creative Data has helped you in your career journey?

Not only was it an interesting subject to bring up during interviews I also met my employer on the course and without the IDM creative Data academy, I would not have had that networking opportunity.

5. What advice would you give people looking to pursue a career in the data industry within marketing?

Don’t be afraid of using large databases or thinking you need a maths degree to have a career in data; if you have a passion for data within marketing that’s what will impress employers.

6. Tell us about your current role. What does a typical day look like and what do you look forward to most each day?

I am a CRM Assistant at Global, I am responsible for the weekly reporting each week which consists of how our emails performed the previous week and comparing them to the week before. I have also been undertaking various analyses of how we are currently using CRM and how we can best improve it using data to support my analysis. I am also beginning to learn how to create audiences using our database and then send brand emails to different audiences, learning how to use these tools to create various audiences and then send our content to them is something I’m looking forward to.

7. What impact do you think your role has on the business as a whole?

Providing insights on how each of our newsletters has performed. I give these insights to each of the brand editors informing them what content performed well and which did not. I then give my suggestions as to why that is and how a different piece of content could do better, with data to support this decision. Furthermore, I have been looking at our current emails and offering an analysis of what is working and what we can improve on.

The Creative Data programme gives people aspiring to enter into the data and marketing industry the skills and connections they need to do so. Click here to find out more and to apply – Be quick, applications close 31st January.

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