How do you maximise value from your approach to CRM? | DMA

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How do you maximise value from your approach to CRM?


The report should give you the tools and inspiration to develop your approach to CRM, delivering profitability and growth for your business. Furthermore, we have presented a core model of maturity, which gives you a unique opportunity to compare your company’s efforts against others.

Effective use of CRM will be key to any business looking to streamline operations and maximise revenue. The report clearly identifies the importance of measuring the profitability of your approach, yet in spite of this, the results indicate that many haven’t established clear goals, and that only one in five reached their set objectives. We have also seen the value of a CRM focus now interjects across a range of business functions, in which personalised and relevant communications with your customers is key.

Want to see the full report - check it out here for a free download.

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