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How a CRM company improved customer satisfaction and employee morale



Lunar CRM delivers powerful business management tools by tailoring CRM solutions for the financial services industry. The CRM solutions are used across a diversity of financial services including insurance and mortgage brokers, claims management companies, outsourced call centres, and courier services.

Lunar CRM’s enhanced solutions are customised to optimise business’ efficiency and create real time reporting systems for in depth insight. The cloud based Lunar CRM can be accessed 24 hours a day 7 days a week, providing exceptional flexibility and reliability.


Providing accurate leads is crucial for building and maintaining Lunar CRM’s a loyal client base; clients would only continue to pay for the lead generation if they were fully satisfied with its quality and reliability. Lunar CRM’s clients were attempting to call the leads but found that they were dialling numbers which appeared valid but were actually invalid, making the leads uncontactable by phone.

This also disrupts the flow of the customer journey as the time taken to find correct contact details delays the customer moving forward in the process. Anything that hinders the flow of outgoing calls negatively impacts efficiency, the customer experience, as well as staff morale.


Lunar CRM needed to find a solution to secure the accuracy of its lead generation. It aimed to:

Provide a reliable, high quality service using a cost effective solution

Seamlessly integrate a solution with its platform to undertake lookups on the fly

Enhance staff morale by enhancing efficiency

Remove any hindrance to an uninterrupted customer journey


Lunar CRM integrated International Telephone validation for landline and mobile into its system. The . The service identifies bogus numbers and requests the real telephone number, making staff immediately aware of an invalid number.


The main measure for success is Lunar CRM’s levels of client satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction increased as the amount of invalid phone numbers and uncontactable prospects decreased

Staff morale increased as client’s were satisfied with the lead generation service

Lunar CRM enhanced the customer journey

“Data8’s validation solutions ensures the lead generation we provide is reliable. If it were not accurate and reliable we would not have a loyal client base” Andy Bridgeman, Owner, Lunar CRM

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