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GTM Update: Container Activity Report


"The Great Eye is ever watchful" - Boromir, The Lord of the Rings

Google are constantly aiming to improve and update their products, and GTM is no exception to this. Recently, another update was rolled out and with it (along with the usual set of bug fixes and general improvements) came the “Container Activity” report, which can be found under the Admin section of your container.

Container Activity report in GTM

This report shows what you might expect: a log of all the activity that has taken place in the container. This includes the creating, deleting and changing of tags, triggers, variables and the container as a whole.
The report itself looks a lot like the recent activity report in the overview section of your container. That said, it is still useful for easily reviewing changes to ensure nothing unexpected has happened and to have them isolated from the container overview report.

At the moment the key pieces of information that the report shows are:

- User: Displayed as an email address.

- Activity: An action chosen from the following: Created, Published, Changed, Deleted.

- Type: An object within the container from the following: Tag, Trigger, Variable, Container Version.

- Name: This is the name of the object that was edited.

- Date: Displayed as days or months.

Container Activity example

So if you work as part of a team in GTM, the Container activity report can be really useful to see what the other members of your team are up to. Additionally, if publishing a container results in a tracking error, this report makes it easier to find the root of the problem. Happy tagging!

To view this blog written by Dan Jennings on Periscopix's website, please click here.

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