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Got millennials? How to attract top talentâand keep it!

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Over the past few years, millennials have developed a negative reputation. A typical Google search will describe them as the lazy, self-indulgent, me-me-me generation. But, when you look at the facts, that picture couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the majority of millennials are workaholics with no plans to job hop and who don't even take their allotted annual leave.
In the UK, millennials currently form 35% of the workforce. This figure can only increase, with Deloitte estimating that millennials will comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025. Companies need to take notice of this generation and understand what it takes to not only recruit the best talent in the group, but keep them happy.
Throughout all industries, traditional offerings of money and stability are no longer enough to attract top millennial employees. Instead, organisations need to offer transparency, culture and flexibility. Recruiting elite talent involves the entire company, not just the HR team.
If you’re looking for ways to attract millennial talent to your organization, check out the below tips on drawing and keeping their attention:
1. Write a Compelling Job Description
Now that it’s easier than ever to post jobs and search for positions online, a generic job description won't do. The description of any open position should reflect the company and the team.
For example, if culture is important, highlight this in the job description. If the post is vague, the applicant will question if the job is right for them. Interviewing someone who isn’t right for the role is a waste of time.
If you are not looking for a typical candidate, consider the qualities that would make an applicant successful in your company, on your team, and in this role; then write a description based on them.
2. Don’t Be Afraid to Pivot People to Other Roles
Sometimes a candidate will blow you away, but they aren’t the right fit for the position they applied for. Rather than not hiring this impressive talent, try pivoting them to another internal team.
As much as you want the right person for the right role, sometimes you need to take a step back. Recognise the importance of having top talent in your company in general. This approach requires patience as it can take several months to find the right fit. Flexibility to pivot allows millennial candidates the opportunity to learn through experience until you find the perfect placement. The candidate will benefit and your company will get a stellar employee.
3. Get Creative With Your Company Perks
Company perks that make the difference in retaining employees go far beyond after work drinks or free meals. Millennials don’t expect excessive perks that aren’t sustainable for most companies. But, they do want something tailored to them and their passions. Focus on creating the right perks for your ideal workforce.
If you find out what drives your applicants, you can alter the discussion around those specific perks. Do they have a family at home? Offer a flexible work schedule. Fitness buff? Provide free classes or allow them time to catch a midday workout when they don’t have meetings. Recent graduate or career changer? Offer valuable internal professional development training. These perks will help convince millennials to join and stay at your company.
By taking these steps, your business will be much more attractive to millennial applicants. This can only prove beneficial to your organization as millennials continue to rise up the ranks.
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