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Gin & Data - ELT vs. ETL getting it right for you!


In the last episode of Gin & Data myself and Rob chose to discuss ELT vs. ETL and how the differences between the two can influence your ability to access real time data.

For this episode myself and Rob decided to accompany this discussion with a Manchester based gin, Zymurgorium Mandarin Dynasty, influenced by Asian flavours and garnished with some star anise.

Rob and I discuss how technology changes have greatly influenced our ability to gather data. This in turn leads to whether batch data or real time data is required and determines ETL vs ELT processing. When you think about the future of data and how technology influences our ability to collect, store and use it, then you can understand why this topic is essential.

If you would like to know more about the topics discussed or to be a guest, please contact me at

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