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Get Flexible with Dynamic Creatives. Part 2


Reaching the right users with the most interactive and related messages can often be a heavy workload and expensive due to the granularity. However, with our dynamic strategies and our Account Managers continuously optimising towards performance, this granularity can be achieved effortlessly. This blog will focus on the different strategies we can deliver in your Display campaigns. For a 101 on Dynamic creatives read part 1 of this blog.

The Purchasing Funnel

The purchasing funnel

Here at Periscopix, we love our funnels and the way we categorise dynamic strategies is no different. The reason for this is that we understand a user’s intent changes as they move through the various stages. This makes it key to target them in a range of different ways depending on where they currently fall to drive engagement and/or purchase.

Don’t be limited to just using one of the following strategies; you have the capability to merge several. To start we would typically recommend going for a prospecting strategy (blend the different awareness approaches that fit your marketing efforts) and a remarketing strategy.

All companies are different: different industries, different goals and therefore different objectives. For each business, either one of these strategies, a range of them, or a variation of them will drive performance. Speak to your account manager for customised recommendations.


Scheduled Updates

Scheduled Updates

Do you regularly have promotions/sales? Do you change your advertising based on the day of the week or the time of the year? Don’t worry about having to traffic new creatives to reflect these, let us know what messaging or images you need changed and when and we can even automate this. Even if you decide to have an ad hoc promotion in 2 days, we can make sure it goes live right when you need it to.


Geo Triggered

Use this to segment your audience based on where they are positioned geographically to show them more relevant ad copy. Or use this along with mobile features such as tap to call or store locator (maps) to trigger offline conversions. For example, targeting users when they are on their mobiles in the vicinity of your store could lead to increased store visits.

Refined Awareness

Audience TriggeredAudience-Triggered Messaging

Do you have clear segments of who your users are? Group users together and send them a message specific to their mutual interests.

Publisher-Triggered Messaging

Would you want to show a different message to a user based on what page of a site they are on? i.e. are they on the recipe page or a lifestyle and fitness page. If you have a relationship with a publisher, it is possible to utilise the information to serve the most relevant creative.

Sequential/Frequency Capping

Brand awareness is best done when creating an engaging story for users. If you have a story board in mind, we can set up rules to ensure we show all variations of a creative and in what order.

Sequential Targeting



Dynamic Remarketing

Now that users have interacted with your site and they are brand engaged, we need to serve them adverts that will drive purchase. This can be done by showing them a creative that is specific to how they have interacted with your service/products. E.g. let’s show them a creative that is dependent on what section of your site they have showed an interest in, or go even more granular by showing them the exact product that they clicked on. We can also create rules to show similar products and can add as many of these as you want into a creative! Meaning dynamic allows even more control and creative flexibility than ever before.

Get in touch to talk to one of our dynamic experts on customised strategies that will work for your brand.

To view the article as written by Aaminah Latif on Periscopix's website, please click here.

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