Genuine Experience or Aprilâs Fools? Pimmâs, Carlsberg, Sodastream and Coca-Cola keep us guessing | DMA

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Genuine Experience or Aprilâs Fools? Pimmâs, Carlsberg, Sodastream and Coca-Cola keep us guessing


Either way, there were some great experiential marketing news this morning that might or might not have been the real thing. Here are my 4 favourite ones:

First up: Pimm’s take over Big Ben. Unveiling their sponsorship of the beloved London landmark will have all of us see the UK’s favourite summer time drink be displayed on the clock tower throughout the summer. A team of experienced abseillers installed the 22ft large vinyl overlay on the clock face last night. It is to stay on until the end of August.

Pimm’s says it approached the Houses of parliament wanting to do their part in the restoration of Big Ben, in return for which they would have their logo being on prominent display. Jo Segesser, senior brand manager at Pimm’s said: "We’re delighted to be playing our part in restoring the monument. Pimm’s O’Clock is a national catchphrase and so the opportunity for us to sponsor Britain’s most famous clock was too good to pass up."

This news was closely followed by Coca-Cola announcing that it would be transforming two of the London Eye capsules into studio penthouses, which will be available to purchase later this year. With the London housing market being as it is, who wouldn’t want to go to sleep looking out over the London skyline and waking up to tourists next to you? But if that isn’t enough, the capsules will rotate through the London attraction 48 times a day and will offer its residents staff on hand to serve champagne and fluff their pillows.

Stephanie Francis, spokesperson at The London Eye said: "The London Eye was originally set to be temporary, but is now here to stay – we wanted to offer the same opportunity for our biggest fans. With huge demands for property in London, we felt it only right to convert our top two capsules into luxury penthouses. We expect interest to be very high."

My third favourite was the news that Sodastream has launched its new Le Dogue range. Le Dogue offers all those dogs who already have everything and more and features a rhinestone encrusted bowl with paw print design. A sensor will release fresh, sparkling water to man’s best friend when the dog touches its paw on the machine. There will be, of course, different flavoured waters on offer such as Luscious Liver, Tasty Turkey and Scrumptious Salmon.

Professor Françoise Chien, chief innovation officer at SodaStream UK said: "Our research has shown that given the choice, dogs much prefer sparkling water over still water. In fact, over 95% of owners noted that their dogs not only drank more water, but their tail wagging also increased, their coat became glossier and their bark became softer. We think SodaStream Le Dogue has the power to revolutionise the way dogs drink water."

And lastly: the Carlsburger! Hold your breath for Carlsberg have (following their chocolate beer glass campaign just in time for Easter) teamed up with Copenhagen-based chef Lars Poolif to produce a gourmet burger that will sweep the UK. The burger is the result of months and moths of experimentation and tasting by both the chef and willing volunteers and includes beef from Danish cattle which, believe it or not, have been fed on a diet of the Carlsberg hops. They also have been given two pints of later each day to further the flavouring. The buns of the Carlsburger will feature a Carlsberg glaze.

Interested? Carlsberg invites all burger lovers to visit their UK website where they can find out where they will be able to find the Carlsburger.

Happy April Fool’s everyone. I’ll be sipping champagne with a side of a Carlsburger in the Coca-Cola pot while my dachshund sips Lucious Liver Sodastream water this evening…. Anyone?

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