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Generation sandwich


How you rebrand a whole country, the first hijab wearing Barbie, the perils of a good sandwich, and Pat Butcher with a bunch of nuns.

Away in a manger, no crib for his bed, the little lo- wait, what?

Food, glorious food.

Dining out in the UK for 18 to 30 year-olds is already worth £27 billion annually, but how are millennials eating? From the rise of alcohol-free to the growing importance of experience, see 10 marketing lessons from the brands that are getting it right.

The chairs you can only buy with kindness. Bisto’s Spare Chair Sunday is back, addressing the problem of loneliness across the UK, especially amongst the elderly.

Music videos. They aren’t what they used to be.

You can forget the days of MC Hammer shuffling side-to-side in a pair of oversized pantaloons. Today, a song needs a short film alongside it – nay – a biopic.

Enter: alt-J.

Australia says yes. Voting overwhelming in favour of legalising same-sex marriage, there were festivities across the country, and the world, this week as the change to the law was announced down under.

9 to 5? What about 8 till 4?

Finding a mentor in the workplace - can it help enhance your career? All roads seem to lead to yes, but new research reveals women are less likely to have a mentor than men, so how are marketers closing the mentoring gap?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall; MAC Cosmetics think you could do with stepping it up a notch. Debuting augmented reality try-on mirrors in 20 of its stores, the rollout in collaboration with AR provider, Modiface allows users to simulate how full eye, lipstick and blush looks will look on their face.

Sound designer, music producer and composer. Way to make us all feel inadequate Matthew Wilcock.

Think rebranding a brand is tricky? Try rebranding a whole country.

From the iconic Welsh dragon to a bespoke typeface, Dylan Griffith, whose design studio Smörgåsbord was tasked with the Welsh rebrand explains all in his latest talk for Nicer Tuesdays.

Can’t afford a house? It’s probably because you love sandwiches.

One of the most enduring creative partnerships of our time comes to an end. After 50 years, P&G’s Lenor splits with Grey and moves to CHI.

Barbie breaks new boundaries this week, unveiling its first hijab wearing doll in the likeness of Olympic US fencer, Ibtihhaj Muhammad who made history at Rio 2016.

Television. ITV. Marijuana. Pat Butcher. A bunch of nuns. These words were not unconnected. Until now.

Gone to Pot, a show in which Pam St Clement travels the States exploring the legalisation of the drug with Bobby George, an ardently anti-drug John Fashanu, Christopher Biggins and that one out of Birds of a Feather in a psychedelic bus is not a dream. But it may be well the best thing that has ever happened to our television screens.

To end, as the big brands continue to battle it out for best Christmas ad, a little heart-warmer from fashion brand, Jigsaw eases itself in at the wayside, with a handcrafted tale of puppets in love. Made in collaboration with the National Film and Television School.

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