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GDPR, compliance and charities: how to keep funds flowing


1 in 3 organisations won’t be fully GDPR compliant come May 2018. That means 1 in 3 are risking hefty fines. But for charities, there’s an even greater risk – of lost support, and reduced capacity to raise funds.

Some charities such as the RNLI and Cancer Research UK’s are adopting an opt-in only model. For others, opting-in may not be the most effective strategy. But what’s right for you?

Amaze One works across the charity sector supporting preparations for GDPR and we’ve brought together all our articles on GDPR and charities, so you can explore the issues and make informed choices. You’ll find advice on:

  • Whether opt-in is the right strategy for you
  • How to maximise consents
  • Alternatives to opt-ins, and
  • A view of what life might look like post-May 2018

 Read our latest insights on GDPR now.

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