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GDPR: A Twitter Q&A with the DMA


We're running a live twitter Q&A session tackling your GDPR questions, Monday 3 July at 2pm. Here's how you can join in.

25 May 2018 should be a date every marketer has at the front of their mind as GDPR becomes fully effective. It will be the largest shift in how we work with data in over a generation.

But it is what you do now to prepare that will make the difference to your, your business and the customers you serve.

So it's a great time to do some fact finding. We want you to get your GDPR questions and queries at the ready, and head over to Twitter on Monday 3 July.

Running from 2pm - 3pm, we'll open a live Twitter Q&A session and answering your GDPR queries will be the DMA's head of preference services, legal and compliance John Mitchison, and external affairs manager, Zach Thornton.

Both have been close to the GDPR legislation throughout its lifecycle, have spoken and written extensively about the subject, and offer proven expertise in helping DMA members prep for the changes to come.

Here's how to take part:

Head to Twitter, on Monday 3 July, 14.00 - 15.00

Follow us on twitter: @DMA_UK

Tweet your query to us @DMA_UK, and use the hashtag: #dmaGDPR

Where we can, we'll respond in real time to your query in a tweet or two.

We also anticipate following-up separately should what you want to know require a more in-depth answer.

See you online.

Speaker bios:

John Mitchison is the head of preference services, legal and compliance at the DMA. John has extensive in-depth knowledge of the data and marketing industries, with more than 20 years of experience in both. He is also the media spokesperson for the DMA, giving comment and opinion on a host of industry issues.

Zach Thornton is responsible for leading the DMA's lobbying efforts both in the UK and in Brussels. Over the last three years he has been primarily focussed on data protection policy, working to ensure that the General Data Protection Regulation strikes the right balance between the rights of consumers and the interests of businesses.

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