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Fulfilment Can Be Fantastic


Everyone loves to see their products used to their full advantage, and this is especially true at DMP when we see Hello Market helping an SME to reach its potential.

A great example of this is a fulfilment campaign, something which if used correctly can be a real boost to business.

Using an online tool like Hello Market, campaigns can be set up and stored for free so you could have, for example, an eight page information brochure campaign that you might send out on day one, followed by a postcard teaser you can mail out on day eight, in the meantime your call centre could be calling on day 15 and you can mail out a reminder letter or four page pop up mailer on day 28.

The customer just has to pre load the data into their day one, day eight and day 28 mailings - then they sit back and relax (until they load tomorrow’s enquiries and updated stop file).

Taking advantage of a next day turnaround means businesses can react to enquiries with fast, personalised responses. Users can easily create multiple campaigns that can be pre-loaded with enquirer mailing lists that can land on a series of dates.

Of course, personalised mailings with images changed in-flight all help to make potential customers feel special, and therefore much more likely to engage.

Conventional fulfilment brings about fixed costs but the nature of Hello Market – where there is no minimum amount you can print and mail out – takes that out of the equation.

Hello Market has no set-up costs, subscriptions, or monthly fees – users simply pay for what they choose to print out and mail.

Features include a multitude of design and personalisation tools, secure data upload and storage, access to 40 million clean and up-to-date consumer records, high quality production processes and an extensive image library.

To get started, go to www.hellomarket.co.uk

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