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From Brexit to Grexit


What's happening in the world of advertising and marketing, with a special focus on the Brexit vote and its fallout

Before we launch into Brexit, other things have been happening in the world. Honest.

For example, the shock exit of three on Grey's top people (dubbed the #Grexit), including inspirational creative director Nils Leonard, has every agency in town wondering what on earth they will do next. Campaign speculates the trio will launch a new agency in mid-2017.

In other agency news, stability comes to Rapp, which has been in turmoil since its US president Greg Anderson was fired last month. Anderson subsequently filed a suit for discrimination and wrongful termination. This week the man named in the suit, Alexei Orlov, stood down as Rapp’s global CEO, to be replaced by Brit and former CEO of Rapp UK Marco Scognamiglio.

Another court case will shortly begin, with WPP's Group M suing FirmDecisions. Group M allege that FirmDecisions 'misused' confidential documents sent by them in error. The documents are said to include details of client media spend. FirmDecisions say they deleted the documents.

You may remember a few weeks back that French officials raided Google's offices in Paris. Well this week Spanish authorities have done the same thing to the search giant in Madrid.

The Cannes Lions festival has now ended, with Adam&EveDDB winning a further Grand Prix, whis time for Harvey Nichols in the film category, for the brilliant 'Shoplifting' campaign to promote their awards app. The video is so good it's worth reproducing here (great choice of music too - it's Wiley):

Staying on Cannes for a second, Marketing Week's columnist Mark Ritson held nothing back when giving his verdict on Cannes and what we can learn from it.

Back in the real world (actually the virtual world) Alex Hern read about machine learning, so he tried it for himself. The results were both disappointing and encouraging. Some have taken this concept further, with 19-year-old Joshua Browder developing a virtual lawyer that has succeeded in overturning 160,000 parking tickets in New York and London. If the warden's on your case, try it here.

Before we get onto Brexit, if you happen to be in New York, try one of the oddest brand link-ups ever. Order Californian food using UberEats, food 'designed' by rockers Blink 182. Who knew Blink 182 were still even a thing?

Brexit bit

So if you are sick and tired of Brexit, then the rest is probably not for you.

You know basically what has been going on, and things seem to be moving so quickly that this article will most likely be out of date by the time it has been written, so instead we'll focus on some of the creative and perspectives around Brexit.

In New York Brexit has been viewed with bemusement and disbelief while in South Korea Brexit has forced the government to downgrade growth foreacsts and prepare a stimulus package.

The Stronger In campaign has come under extreme criticism. Campaign editor Claire Beale lifts the lid on the inertia within the remain camp, and shows some of the creative that was created, booked and pulled or simply left sitting in agencies as the client dithered. See some of the creative that never made it - would it have made a difference?

More creative comes in response to 'operation croissant' mentioned last week, Brits have responded with 'operation scone' to appeal to our Gallic cousins. Copywriter Tom Albrighton considered seven marketing mistakes made by the remain team.

If you saw a triumphant Nigel Farage speak at the European Parliament this week, you will have noticed a man facepalming behind him. Well that man, Lithuanian MEP Vytenis Andriukaitis, explains his dismay.

I know what you are thinking. Since the vote to Brexit, what would the KLF do? Well I have the answer. Bill Drummond filmed an ensemble of Romanian Gypsies perform the European anthem Ode To Joy underneath Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham. So now you know.

Romanian newspaper Gandul offers shelter to Remainians. The offer is simple: “Leave the Brexiters, the quarrelling and the weather behind. Start a brand new life in a loving Romanian family”. You can apply here.

As mentioned earlier, predicting what happens next is a mug's game. So I won't bother.

But Dave Trott can explain the worldwide fad for predicting the future with astrology, which was invented by a newspaper editor following the birth of Princess Margaret in 1930. Trott says it's possible to repackage and rebrand to achieve your aims. Let's see how this thinking plays out in the coming week.

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