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Swiftly following Halloween, customer engagement specialists Indicia opened their doors for ‘Fresh Blood’. An evening focused on inspiring young talent, it answered key questions for future marketers, including:

Which skillsets are the marketing industry thirsty for?

Where are the employment opportunities in the South West?

What does ‘I work in Marketing’ really mean?

Indicia played host to a selection of exciting speakers, including James Eder of Student Beans, David Boddington of Youtube giants Yogscast, and the IDM’s own Janice Pickard. The mix of digital celebrities and industry experts shared pearls of wisdom and posed provoking questions to the next generation’s BNIMs (Big names in marketing).

Fired up by James Eder’s rousing endorsement of the power of networking, the night ended successfully with socialising and networking between our fresh blood and industry professionals.

The evening in Tweets -

For those unable to attend but hungry for a career as a marketer, we have compiled a few key focus points from ‘Fresh Blood’.

Get started early

Whilst your final year of University can be a time of stress with seemingly endless deadlines and responsibility, making time to think about your future is vital.


There are many different specialisms within marketing, in terms of agencies as well as in roles within. Just because you’re not a creative or business-minded, doesn’t mean there isn’t a role that suits you.

Get Experience

Start getting in contact with agencies you’d like to work with now.

You’ll see first-hand if marketing suits you, and put yourself ahead of the rest.

Online Presence

When it comes to sending applications, expect to be searched. If you wouldn’t want it bought up in an interview, don’t have it visible online.

Get LinkedIn! It’s a great platform for getting spotted and starting conversations with industry professionals.

If you have a great blog following, or you have a strong photographic portfolio, use it to your advantage.

Be yourself

As a graduate, recruiters don’t expect you to know everything. Just demonstrate your willingness to learn.

Don’t forget to show off your non-academic skills and experiences too. A well-rounded individual can impress just as much as relevant qualifications.


Janice Pickard spoke at the event about the free and invaluable Summer Schools run by the IDM.

Whether you prefer data, creative or client services, their intensive courses can teach you all you need to know to really dazzle in your interviews.

At Indicia, we value ‘Fresh Blood’ and understand that young talent is key to our development as much as yours.
We offer work experience, placement schemes and jobs for ambitious graduates.

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