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[Free e-Brief Download] Engage Better. Sell More.

Research suggests that 98%* of your leads are lost through the conversion process. So, what are you doing to take control?

Most marketers are so busy fighting day to day needs that it’s easy to lose sight of the ‘big picture’ and basic premise of why marketing really exist - to provide qualified leads into the sales teams so that they can convert them into happy revenue generating customers!

Most marketers know they need to do more and in fact 74%** cite converting contacts / leads into customers as a priority. Circumstances dictate that the most they have time to achieve is to ‘keep the engine running with a keen eye toward monetizing their marketing activities’.

As an approach this is unlikely to:

  • Generate any fundamental shift in marketing performance
  • Form a really solid relationship between marketing & sales
  • Help the buyer feel truly valued and compelled to buy

This leaves us with a problem. Activity will be generated, but visions will be left unfulfilled, KPI’s will be missed and bonuses will suffer.

Today's B2B customers have buying cycles that are uniquely personal and complex and they are bombarded with content. The key to success is defining the right way to engage at the right time, with a message that is not only ‘relevant’, but also truly valuable and targeted specifically to your buyer.

Modern marketing automation platforms go some way to addressing this void, but they don’t complete the circle and they are only a piece of software at the end of the day.

Years of experience in the space of Marketing efficiency industry have taught us that personalized and automated customer engagements, delivering valued content at just the right time is the best way to retain those buyers through the journey and convert them into fully qualified leads that sales can engage with to have a really targeted conversation.

Using a personalized and automated customer engagement process, 100% of sales leads are qualified and ready for sales-level engagement. Our solution is to combine the delivery of customized messaging and materials, the most appropriate channels at the right time for each customer, market-proven best practices, a structured nurturing process, and sophisticated machine learning to help teams optimize customer interactions.

We looked at why it's important to create personalised one-to-one content that increases your chances to better connect with your buyer.
Download the e-Brief below to find out some of our key findings.

  • Learn how to best reach and help prospects as they move through their personal buying cycle
  • Understand the importance of negative, neutral, and positive emotional connections
  • See how a personalized and automated engagement process benefits both you and your buyers

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