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Forward thinking brands help festivals clean up their act


Looking and feeling good at a festival is on the rise, and your brand could be part of it. With live streaming and selfies going strong, Glastonbury’s official technology partner, EE predicts that this weekend’s festival will be the most shared live event of 2017. Offering on site wireless charging for the first time, in addition to phone charging, EE are expecting 40 terabytes of data to be used, equating to 400 million festival selfies.

Whether you're a fitness brand, a big name in relaxation, or simply trying to tap into a wider, music-loving audience, there’s plenty of scope for targeted promotions or brand partnerships with many of the other well-established events too. Bestival and Latitude now feature relaxation zones where festival-goers can take a break from loud music and partying to enjoy a bit of peace, yoga and meditation. For hardcore fitness fans there are festivals like BeFit and Balance, which focus on health and wellbeing, with a heady mix of music (and, often, non-alcoholic smoothies) to enjoy after a day of workout demonstrations and classes.

Targeted promotions can bring you:

1. Power of association

2. Widespread audience reach

3. Specifically measured ROI, such as social media sharing of user generated content

4. Exclusive winner experiences

5. Committed brand ambassadors

If you're interested in setting up brand partnerships or how targeted prize promotion content could work for you, read our full blog here

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