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Ford Dealer making the most of Hello Market


Skipton and Keighley Ford marketing manager Jak Bardsley uses Hello Market for all the dealership’s date-triggered communications, such as MOT, servicing and warranty reminders and also for sales generation events such as new model launches and new registration days.

Said Jak: “We use Hello Market as our direct mail communications solution to complement our marketing mix. It’s the perfect tool to help us design and send different types of printed communication for our various campaigns, and the ability to personalise our offers really helps to target specific customers.

One recent campaign was so successful that Jak has already repeated it, and it now has a permanent place in his marketing toolkit.

He explained: “We sent out a pick ‘n’ mix style mail campaign to customers reaching the end of their payment plans. The offer gave them the opportunity to select three sweeteners from a selection of six options when they bought their next new car.

We personalised the front and back with a salutation, in particular the front had a powerful personalised headline to grab attention and it was all produced in vibrant digital print to stand out. We had a great response from this campaign, so much so that we used it again a few months later.”

To read the rest of the story and to find out more about Hello Market click here.

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