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Missguided's army of body-positive mannequins, a dating site for Trump supporters, a harrowing tech update from Natwest and a completely and utterly unecessary use for avocados.

The youth are lost.

They wander the cobbled streets and stumble into darkened side alleys.

‘Where to dwell after school hours!?’ they cry.

The KFC kingdom has fallen. The time has come. The chicken uprising.

Thinking is for fools - knowledge is at your fingertips. ‘Google it’ has entered our way of life, but is the search engine too powerful for its own good?

With more and more people eradicating their social selves, might it be time to reconsider how we do social? Sorry Zuckerberg – 8 reasons Facebook has peaked.

‘Mo money, mo problems’ seems to be mostly applicable in the hip hop game.

Not willing to risk the chance, Drake has taken matters into his own hands in his latest music video giving away the production’s budget of $996,631.90 to the good people of Miami.

Also worth a watch for more of the megastar’s highly celebrated Dad-dancing.

Fashion, darling. It’s that time of year again. Vogue’s highlightsfeaturing front row royalty.

Flawlessness is old hat. Shop fronts are now an innovative window into diversity, with UK- based retailer, Missguided leading the way with their powerful army of body-positive mannequins.

Also flying the flag for progressive beauty, Covergirl have unveiled their latest campaign, starring a model with vitiligo for the very first time.

Movement away from the traditional continues; why brands are tapping into the power of alternative role models in women’s sport.

Adorable bunnies and The Chemical Brothers – a long awaited partnership.

With a little help from the electronic duo - and the Brit Awards - O2 has revived their 2017 campaign on an even bigger scale.

Release your inner Alice, follow that rabbit.

Hold onto your Citymapper, cling tight to Tinder; the great app purge is coming. Mike Cooper debunks how the art of app was never going to last.

Can we trust P&G? In light of the agency’s stern words on the online ad industry last year, The Ad Contrarian has his suspicions.

If it’s eternal life you seek, we can’t help you. But if you fancy adding an extra few years on, there’s a simple and easy way – go Amish.

Meet Cora - the latest customer service technology development from Natwest.

Our favourite part is the deep, pit of soullessness in her eyes.

Want to ride around Amsterdam at night killing zombies? Of course you do. Widen + Kennedy invite you into their department of new realties.

Taking ownership of the knock-off, Diesel’s latest label is here to confuse the fakery out of us all.

Keeping it in-house, Spotify have given us all something to think about. Labelled Adage’s in-house agency of the year, the brand’s creative team summarise their successes.

Enjoying walls, polishing guns, abhorring women’s rights; the hectic schedule of a Trump supporter. It’s a hardly a surprise the poor folk find little time for love. The horrific solution is here.

In that vein, the national anthem like you’ve never heard it before.

Truly Fergalicious.

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