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Nike’s political declaration, the end of a long, hot summer, and a phallic bicycle on a Devonshire hillside.

‘It can’t be done’ they said. ‘It needn’t be done’ they said. NASA, they’re a cocky bunch.

And employee of the month goes to…

From coughs to cakes, it turns out bees may have a point. That sweet, sweet nectar they crave so dearly is having a moment; honey is the new black. Get it down you, son.

Unless you’ve been locked away in an impenetrable cupboard in the deepest, darkest corners of the Amazon rainforest, Nike launched their new campaign this week.

Celebrating Just Do It’s 30th anniversary, the sports brand have risked negative backlash choosing NFL player, Colin Kaepernick as Dream Crazy's frontman.

Charged, deliberate and resolute: in these times of unrest, is it right brands take a political stand?

The woman who continually refuses to sell you a single stamp at your local post office.

The incessantly yappy-excuse-for-a-dog-chihuahua in the flat below you.

Your mum.

Find your nemesis.

You don’t know what it means to be a creative! Nobody does! Oh. Except maybe Ben Kay.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t money that makes the world go round – but glorious, glorious caffeine. Coca-Cola buys Costa Coffee: the need-to-knows

Disposable coffee cups might be a start, but the fight goes on. Our throwaway society needs a good talking to and George Monbiot might just be the man to do it.

Google. Amazon. Uber. Facebook. You ain’t all that and a bag of data breaches – be afraid, be very afraid, the antitrust law looms.

Now the largest circulated paper in the UK, the Metro has become a well-known commuter’s pick me up. But who owns this seemingly vanilla news source? One man. One residency. A whole bunch of stickers. Darren Cullen pulls no punches.

More reasons to visit Devon.

A comic book with no words to attract diverse, creative talent. Breaking the cycle of any potential discrimination in recruitment and opening creativity up to everyone from all socio-economic backgrounds, McCann introduce us to the inspired Kkaption.

A stack of crumpled receipts on your bedside table and a head full of tax turmoil, being a freelance creative can and does hurt. Rejoice then, for ANNA – giving you time to focus on what you’re good at.

‘I’ll smile when something’s funny’ said Victoria. Nothing was ever funny. Vogue, the spice girl and A Decade of Elegance.

As our long, hot, global-warmed-and-potentially-permanent-and-deeply-harrowing days come to an end for another year, we turn to man of the moment, Childish Gambino to wind us down. Strolling through the rose-tinted streets of suburbia, the latest heart-warming animation for his latest track, Feels like Summer is an ode to the heat.

Drink it in my friends, winter is coming.

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