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Facebook Privacy

You might have seen this generic message posted all over Facebook walls back in January... (see image).

Isn't it strange how we publish half our lives on social networks on a daily basis without any thought on who is watching or spying on your life?

From checking in at the restaurant you've just arrived at... to live tweeting or streaming from an event we are attending..

But the second someone mentions that Facebook have certain rights to use your content or information.. Then half of the Facbook community panic and start to copy and paste a generic blurb of fictitious text they've seen on a friends wall to their own!

We all have concerns about our Social Media Privacy but posting a message to Facebook via you wall, or Whatsapp via broadcast message is defo not the way to address it!

" Better safe than sorry" I hear your say.... Wrong! Its simply a waste of time and will make you look like a right wally.

The fact is... Unfortunately, by signing up to use Facebook in the 1st place and then most likely decided to ignore the details of the terms and privacy before accepting them.... You have already given FB permission to do as they please with your information! But luckily, no reputable Social Media Network in their right mind would jeopardise your data or information believe me! They dont want to be sued anymore than we want our private information shared publicly. If you do have genuine concerns, then most, if not all, networks will have a "Privacy or Terms" section on their site. A much better idea to look into that than posting this irrelavant dross to your wall!

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