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Experiential marketing tips for your brand


It’s no secret that consumer-to-brand experiences are a powerful way to create loyalty and advocacy.

Experiential marketing remains one of the best strategies for creating quality impressions on customers that convert them into brand advocates. Indeed, 74 per cent of consumers say that engaging with branded event marketing experiences makes them more likely to buy the products being promoted. This would certainly explain why the experience economy has become so prevalent in recent years.

With this in mind, I've pulled together some key points to help frame your thoughts before you embark on an experiential strategy.

I’ve also rounded up a few examples of some of my favourite experiential campaigns to give you inspiration.

Here's a preview of a very heartwarming activation from TD Canada Trust: Surprise and delight.

The bank wanted to show its appreciation for customers so it temporarily turned ATMs in some of its branches into 'Automated Thanking Machines' that gave out surprise gifts to customers. Hidden cameras filmed customers' reactions, which it made into a heartwarming video. The YouTube video garnered six million viewers in less than a week.

To find out more, visit Gather's website for your essential experiential checklist.

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